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Zoological Nucleus: B2023005

Devon rex cat family cattery

We specialize in breeding Devon Rex cats in a homely and loving environment. All of our cats live inside our home and receive the best care and attention. We are committed to raising healthy and happy cats.

Our line of Devon Rex cats are not only exceptionally affectionate and sociable, but they also stand out for their extreme beauty, with faces that seem straight out of a fairy tale. We are proud to breed cats that are not only adorable companions, but also true visual gems in the feline world.


“I love cats because I love my home, and little by little they become its visible soul. Jean Cocteau

Legal and responsible breeding program

Our Zoo Nucleus is B2023005, a mandatory national registry for the breeding and/or sale of domestic animals. The main objective of this registry is to guarantee the correct maintenance of the animals, ensuring their quality of life, hygiene and disease control.

We are registered in WCF (Word Cat Federation) with the affix DuendondeNur *ES. Our breeding program offers all the guarantees. All our puppies are delivered with a pedigree (registration of origins), complying with all WCF breeding regulations and regulations.

“Cats are meant to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose” Garrison Keillora 

Our Devon rex cats

We raise the Devon rex with love and respect, since they are part of our family.

We select beautiful, healthy and emotionally balanced specimens. Each of our cats has a unique and special personality.

Our breeding cats are tested and are free of Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency. Also tested with negative results in Calcivirus, Herpesvirus, Chlamydia, Bordetella and intestinal parasites.


Champion Kitten




Devon rex character

The most amazing thing about these cats is their personality. Devon Rexes have an extraordinary affinity for people. They connect deeply and are extremely sensitive. They pamper their human companions and follow them everywhere. While you clean the house, your cat will watch you with interest. On the couch, you won’t have to beg for his affection: he will always look for your lap. When you go to bed, the Devon Rex will come looking for you. This is all thanks to his loving, sensitive, calm and playful nature.

Definitely! Devon Rexes are ideal companions for children with neurodevelopmental disorders. Their loving and sensitive nature makes them especially suited to providing emotional support and constant companionship. Additionally, your willingness to connect deeply with people can help children feel safer and calmer in their environment. The softness of their meow and notable intelligence can also be beneficial when interacting with children, as they can understand and respond to your needs in a unique way.

In short, Devon Rexes can be an invaluable source of comfort and joy for children with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Our litters Devon rex

Watching the evolution of a Devon Rex kitten is a truly wonderful experience. As this little elf grows, his coat transforms, leaving behind his youthful, sparse appearance to acquire his characteristic curly coat over time. This process can take more than a year, until it reaches full morphological maturity.

During these first months of life, kittens learn to live with people and other animals in the home, forming strong bonds with their environment. They are trusting, brave and loving beings by nature. We strive to educate these little ones with love and patience, to ensure that their adaptation to their new homes is optimal and full of joy.

Origin of the Devon rex

The Devon Rex is a breed of cat that originated in the county of Devon, south-west England, in the mid-20th century. Their story began in 1959, when a stray cat called Kirlee gave birth to a male kitten with curly, wavy fur on a farm in Buckfastleigh, Devon. This cat, named Kirlee, is considered the founding ancestor of the Devon Rex breed.

The genetic mutation responsible for the curly coat is believed to have arisen spontaneously in Kirlee’s offspring. From that point on, local breeders began crossing Kirlee and his descendants with other cats to develop and establish the Devon Rex breed as we know it today.

Initially, Devon Rex were crossed with other breeds, such as Cornish Rex and domestic shorthair cats, to strengthen the genetic line and establish the breed standard. As the breed’s popularity grew, more defined standards were established and breeders worked to preserve the Devon Rex’s distinctive characteristics, including their curly coat, large ears, and affectionate personality.

Delivery conditions


Our puppies will be able to go to their new home between 3 months of age, as established by the animal protection law, and always under the discretion of the veterinarian.


The kittens will have a health certificate guaranteeing their optimal state of health, they will be dewormed internally, and vaccinated twice against feline Parvovirus (FPV), feline Herpesvirus 1 (FHV-1) and feline Calicivirus (FCV). These vaccines will be reflected in your health card.


The puppies will be microchipped pending registration of the new owner’s data. in accordance with article 15 of Legislative Decree 2/2008, which approves the Consolidated Text of the Animal Protection Law.


If the kitten is going to travel, the European passport will be provided. Said passport will be made in accordance with the model established in Regulation (EU) No. 577/2013.


The puppies that will be neutered or sterilized in accordance with the provisions of article 11.3 and 15 of Legislative Decree 2/2008, which approves the consolidated text of the Animal Protection Law.


Before handing over the kitten, a transfer of ownership and responsibility document will be formalized to guarantee the well-being and health during the life of the cat. with information about the characteristics of the cat, its needs, education advice and the necessary maintenance, health and well-being conditions.


We always provide the pedigree document that details the cat’s genealogy, to guarantee that it is a true Russian Blue. In addition, we can provide photographs of some of his ancestors, so that we can have information on the qualities that they have in relation to what the breed standard sets.


The kitten will be delivered with an Amur Blue carrier, food for the first days, toys and other utensils.


The health of our cats is covered for 15 days in case of infectious diseases acquired prior to collecting the puppy, and 1 year in case of genetic diseases from the date of birth.

Devon rex kitten reserves

If you have decided to welcome one of our friendly elves into your life, do not hesitate to contact us for information on booking conditions and costs, without any obligation.

If waiting is not a problem for you, we recommend booking through our waiting list. This way, you secure your place, since once a litter is born, all the kittens are usually reserved.

We cannot predict with certainty the number or sex of the kittens that will be born in our next litters, nor the coat color and eye color. However, we assign the kittens in reserve order once they are born.

If price is your main consideration, our kittens may not be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you value genetic excellence, a loving temperament, beauty and health above all else, you will understand the true value of our Devon rex.

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